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Your partnership in this freedom campaign matters!

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Your partnership in this freedom campaign matters!

Continuing the Fight for Freedom...

As you know, human trafficking and modern day slavery are rampant issues, feeding a rapidly growing "industry". In San Diego alone sex trafficking brings in over $810 million a year in revenue. There are also an estimated 40 million people enslaved today.

We have been in operation for over 10 years, working to educate and prevent human trafficking, while protecting those who have been victimized through our shelter in northern Baja.

Right now, with the pandemic, risks for those being abused in the home or on the streets are even higher. Traffickers are able to get away with more and have considerably greater access to children and young adults online.

We know the battle is huge, but being able to make a difference in one life at a time is how we defeat this giant. Right now we are working quickly to bring 3 children to our shelter, and 2 young adults to our transition home. But we can't do that without your partnership. Would you consider partnering with us to bring these 5 to safety and provide the type of environment they deserve to grow up in, feel safe in and be encouraged to dream big in.

The battle is raging, but together we can do more...we have to do more.

Thank you for supporting International Network of Hearts, we so appreciate your partnership!